“A man who dies because of lack of help weighs on others conscience”  
Ludwik Hirszfeld



The Association was founded on the initiative of the management of Kalina Nursing Home and friendly people who wished to help ill, elderly and disabled people. The Association has received the status of National Service Organization on 26 June 2004.

The main objectives of the association:

  • help with providing residents of “Kalina” or other people in need with decent living
  • working on financial support in the country and abroad to improve living conditions, equipment, renovations and development of facilities, which ,in turn, will enable us to help larger group of people in need in the region;
  • co-operation in working out strategic plans to deal with improving social service for local community;
  • commercial activities that aim at obtaining financial support to help people in need.

The main achievements of the association:

  • raising money for professional treatment equipment;
  • organizing various forms of integrating meetings, sport competitions, in local, national and international range.
Remedial bed
Sport competition
Children from local school