“A man who dies because of lack of help weighs on others conscience”  
Ludwik Hirszfeld



There are three treatment rooms where every resident can, among other basic check-ups, perform glucose tests and blood pressure tests.

We offer the following forms of rehabilitation:

  • Physiotherapy:
    - DD currents;
    - laser biostimulation;
    - interferential current;
    - bioptron lamp;
    - galvanisation;
    - inconstant magnetic field;
    - sollux lamp.
  • Kinesitherapy
    In the gym everyone can find professional equipment for individual or group therapy (exercise bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, multi-gyms, UGUL).
  • Hydrotherapy
    Two whirlpool massage and other hydromassage stations.
    Our residents make use of treatments that support biological regeneration:
  • Classical and curative massage that affects:
    - muscle tone relaxation;
    - joint mobility increase;
    - muscular pain alleviating;
    - detoxification;
    - stress relief;
    - tissue aeration.
  • Underwater massage that affects:
    - blood flow;
    - removal of waste product of metabolism;
    - muscle tone relaxation.

The massage
The gym