“A man who dies because of lack of help weighs on others conscience”  
Ludwik Hirszfeld



The Nursing Home is an institution subordinate to Suwalki Town Hall and is an institutional component of the structure of the region with extraterritorial range. It was founded in 1963 and is the home for 195 male and female adults with chronic somatic diseases who do not require clinic help but need care and therapy. The youngest resident is 31, the eldest 97.

The Home offers the following range of service:

  • living standards: - accommodation;
    - full board;
    - maid service.
  • care:
    - help with basic life needs;
    - nursing;
    - help with personal problems
  • support:
    - organizing group therapy;
    - improving residents` skills;
    - activating residents;
    - enabling meet religious needs;
    - stimulating family bonds.

High standard of our service is maintained as a result of experience throughout years and constant improvement of our staff members.
We are willing to offer a nice atmosphere, care, security and comfort of our residents.

Our Home meets the standards:

  • the disabled friendly facilities;
  • two lifts in the main building;
  • calling system and fire alarm system;
  • single, double and three-person rooms;
  • therapy rooms, living rooms, a chapel, a reading room, a theatre hall.

The chief assets of “Kalina” are:

  • nice, friendly atmosphere;
  • professional care;
  • variety of occupational therapy forms;
  • availability to practise religion;
  • highly developed rehabilitation service;
  • home-made food prepared in our kitchen with a variety of diets;
  • purely clean air, peace and quiet, contact with nature;
  • competitive cost of maintenance;
  • possibility of co-editing the local bulletin “ Echo of Kalina”.
Double room
One of three treatment rooms
One of the performances in our theatre
Our chapel
Activity in a reading room